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Del Rio, Texas

Reprinted with permission of DEL RIO LIVE, Del Rio, Texas.

Paul Poag Theater prepares for Blondie's Funeral
Funeral is today at 2 pm


November 1, 2000

Moises "Blondie" Calderon, will be laid to rest today. He was born June 26, 1940 here in Del Rio and has become a local and national music icon.

Paul Poag prepares for Blondie's funeral today

Good-byes will be said by many from the Paul Poag Theater for the Performing Arts on Main Street during the 2 p.m. memorial service. The location may seem a bit odd by usual standards, but Blondie was an unusual man, according to Interim Theater Manager Brenda Parker. She admitted that the funeral was an unusual request. "This is the first time we have held a funeral at the theater," said Parker. The marquis will be lit in his memory and will be draped simply with black velvet material to show the mourning of his passing.

She said the theater was picked by Calderons family and seemed the most fitting place for the gifted musical performer. He will share the stage one last time with the Val Verde Friends of the Arts grand piano that he eloquently played in 1999 in his first and only solo concert. The concert was held to raise money for his own lost Steinway grand piano lost in the flood of 1998. The crowd from that concert and many more were looking forward to an upcoming concert Feb. 14, 2001 where Calderon was to once again share the stage with the VVFA grand lovingly called "Mr. Big" by artists and theater staff alike.

Parker said that the piano and the theater atmosphere would be the most fitting tribute to the music and love of performance that wove its way through Calderons life.

Calderon passed away Oct. 23, 2000 in Lubbock Texas.

"He will be missed," said Parker.


Moisés "Blondie" Calderón
Born June 26, 1940 in Del Rio, Texas
Passed away October 23, 2000 in Lubbock, Texas


Paul Poag Theater
Wednesday, November 1, 2000 at 2:00 p.m.


Deacon John Graf
Deacon Robert Kusenberger


Sacred Heart Cemetery


Wife: Dolly Calderón of Del Rio, Texas. Daughters: Jana Calderón and her husband Miguel A. Gutiérrez of Dallas, Texas; Jacque Calderón and her husband Rick Keith of Houston, Texas; Moisann Calderón of Sherman, Texas; Patricia Ray Calderón of Del Rio, Texas. Son: Moisés "Cinco" Calderón, Jr., of Del Rio, Texas. Grandsons: James Frederick Holt, Jonathan Wayne and William Draeger Keith, and Miguel Angel Gutiérrez, Jr. Mother: Leonor "None" Calderón of Del Rio, Texas. Brothers: Pat Calderón and Ferdy Calderón, both of Del Rio, Texas. Sisters: Baby Merkle of Del Rio, Texas and Bochy Gray of Denton, Texas. Aunts, uncles, numerous cousins, nephews, and nieces. He was preceded in death by his father Guillermo "Memo" Calderón, Jr. and his brothers Guillermo "Wencho" Calderón, III and Jose "Pepe" Calderón.


Moisés "Cinco" Calderón, Jr., Ferdy Calderón, Pat Calderón, Billy Calderón, Miguel A. Gutiérrez, John Sym, Brace Phillips, Radney Foster & Ray Price.

G.W. Cox Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Photo and information used by permission of DEL RIO LIVE, Del Rio, Texas.