An Appreciation of Ray Price Fans

If you are a true Ray Price fan, that says something very special about you. You may not have thought about it before, but what you yourself value cannot help but reveal who you are as a person.

Ray Price was blessed with many wonderful talents, and your ability to appreciate them says much about you. First of all, you are likely to be an individual who values beauty and harmony in your life and seeks it out whenever you can. You probably get along well with other people because of this fact--or at least you try your best to do so.

You value not only beauty, however, but possess the sensitivity to appreciate subtle nuances of feeling and emotion--such as those you hear in Ray's unique style. And with your mind for subtle nuances, you may have a great sense of humor and are quick to see and appreciate the little foibles of human nature.

Your preference for Ray's singing style shows you value sincerity and are probably a sincere person yourself. It's also quite likely you are sentimental and warmly emotional--if not openly so, at least in your private feelings.

If you relate well to his songs, you've probably suffered your share of emotional heartaches and are impressed by the honesty and simplicity of his heartfelt country favorites as well as by the artistry of his beautiful ballads like "Danny Boy."

You may even at times be moved to a kind of spiritual awe by the brilliance of sound, style, and powerful emotional delivery that God has granted this country music legend.

Chances are, you are less apt than most to be brash, cynical, or superficial--even if you may appear so at times to cover up your more sensitive side.

It's a cinch too that you are loyal to those you like and may be quite an individualist. You're not easily influenced by trends in music or what the media "says" you should like. You stick to your preferences and respect others who do the same.

You sound like you could be quite a nice person to know. So welcome to the Official Ray Price Fan Club. This website's for you!

P. S. If you are a real fan, you may want to become a part of Ray's official fan family and receive the very special newsletters. The dues are only $10 per year. So join the inner circle. See the Membership page for details.

words & page design by Rose Murray
photos provided by Sandra Orwig & Diannah Morgan

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