Photos From Ray's Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, Concert - August 29, 2001

It was her “greatest dream come true,” writes fan Shirley Orey, who attended the Ray Price concert in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, last month. Fortunately, Shirley took her digital camera along and captured some wonderful reminders of the event—which you’ll see on the next few pages.

It was a lovely summer day, says Shirley--not too hot and no rain. The occasion was the annual Thresher's Reunion. After watching the parade and visiting the crafts area, Shirley, along with her son Mark and his wife Sherry took a bus to the fairgrounds for Ray's concert.

They were lucky to have purchased their tickets early. The performance was sold out by the time they arrived. Ray's son Cliff opened for him with several songs. "I had no idea how good he was!" says Shirley. And, of course, Ray was as great as ever. "There was much applause and whistling after each song," Shirley recalls. Her great digital photos tell the story of the performance with eloquence.

The autograph line after the show was long, but Shirley was thankful that Ray stayed until everyone got their prized photo or CD. "I will remember this day as long as I live and hope to attend another concert again," she says.

Thank you, Shirley, for sharing your memorable day with us. Remarkable photos!

And thanks to Mark Orey too for e-mailing them to the website.


Click here to see Shirley's great pictures of the performance.

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