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The Day Ray Price almost fell for me

Every Sunday back in the 50's the Country Music stars came to the Lyric theater in Indianapolis IN, and I never missed a one. One Sunday when I was around sixteen or there abouts, I had went to see George Hamilton the 4th, and was sitting in the first row, when this good looking guy tried to go pass me for a seat (you know how those theater seats are *S*) and I stuck out my foot to trip him, he just about fell!! Then in a little bit, George said We have a special guest with us tonight and we'd like to get him up here to sing a song for you. Well this good-looking guy got up and went on stage, George said,we'd like for you to meet Mr. Ray Price! Boy was I embarrassed. So I'll never forget how Ray almost fell for me! *S*

I have loved Ray ever since!

Written by:Liz Puett

Reprinted with permission from Dick Shuey's Country Music Stories

His Usual Considerate Self

It had been many years since I had seen Ray when he was at the Choctaw Festival in Tuskahoma, Ok, a few years ago. I was so excited at seeing him again, so I made a special shirt to wear. It was a red t'shirt and had the slogan, "I love Ray Price" printed in white. My greatest desire was to have my picture made with Ray. After the show he was signing autographs and I waited until he was almost through then asked him to sign my shirt. Then my son took our picture. My son then told me he thought the flash malfunctioned and he was not sure it would be a good picture. I said we would wait until he was finished and maybe try again. Before Ray had signed the last autograph someone was calling from the bus to hurry, they were running late and had to go. He said ok, but first he had one more picture.

Then he walked over to me, smiling, and said, "Now, let's get a good picture." He had heard my son's comment and took time to redo the picture although he was running behind schedule. What a guy!!!. Oh, yes both pictures were good.

At another concert some months later in Omaha, Texas, I had injured my leg and was on crutches or wheelchair. After the show the line was very, very long and I knew I could not stand that long. So I resorted to the wheelchair. As we approached the table we were talking with Cliff and I mentioned I wanted to take a picture with Ray. And I was wearing another special shirt that said 'I still love Ray Price'

Ray heard us and immediately got up and came around the table. He helped me out of the chair, signed my shirt and my son took our picture. On that particular night Ray was fighting a severe cold and was very sick, but that did not keep him from being his usual wonderful, considerate self.

I could go on and on and on about Ray. He sure made a hit with my son who grew up on Ray Price music. I even told Ray my son, also named Clifton, could say Ray Price almost as soon as he could say Mommy.

Thanks for all you do to promote 'our guy'.


It Wasn't Just A Cock-and-Bull Story

The first time I met Ray Price was at the Travis County Live Stock Show & Rodeo. My husband and I had only been married a couple of years and I told him I would love to go and see Ray Price. He told me sure we could go and that he had known Ray for many, many years and that he used to handle game roosters for Ray when Ray would fight them in Oklahoma and Louisiana.

At this point I was glad to get to go but had major doubts about how well he knew Ray. We bought 4 front and center tickets and waited for what seemed like forever. The night finally come. We got all made up in our best rodeo clothes to go and see the great Ray Price. I didn't watch much of the rodeo for looking to see if Ray was at the autograph table and waiting to hear him sing. The whole way to the rodeo ( an hour drive one way) my husband kept saying him and Ray this, him and Ray did that. Me and the boys were really getting tired of hearing this and thinking that he was full of BS. Before Ray sang they announced he would sign autographs after the show. I set through the show in pure heaven. Ray's voice melting every bone.

Right before he finished the last song I told my husband we had to hurry to the autograph place. We went and were first in line. In a few minutes a long, long line had formed. Earlier in the night I had bought a double album to get Ray to sign. My husband said don't buy it I'll get Ray to give you one. Again sure you will. I bought it anyway. We waited for what seemed like hours. The whole time my husband telling us more cute stories. Finally the lady behind us said sure you know him and laughed. That was what we had thought. About that time Ray came out stopped,looked at my husband and said 'Damn, boy, I haven't seen you for years.' They hugged and started talking as if they had just seen each other the day before.

After we picked up our jaws, even the lady behind us, Ray chewed my husband out for buying the album and signed it for me. He told my husband that Duke and some of the other old group were up in the Ball Room. He told someone there with him to take us up to the Ball Room which was a black tie or suit and tie place. We were in jeans, western shirts, and boots. The materdee at the door told us you can't come in here you're not properly dressed an your not the type of people that come here. About that time the guy from Ray's band caught up with us and told him that they are guests of Mr. Price. You should have seen that guy jump threw the hoop. It was great. From then on we were believers.

Every time we go and see Ray I ask for him to sing my favorite song For the Good Times and we stand in front of the band and it seems as if he is singing for just us. We had plans to go and see him again in Llano but he was sick. There would have been a second favorite to ask for this time Soft Rain. One day we will catch up with him and get it done.

Friends and fans,
The Skinners

A Fan Club President Has Some Stories Too

These reminiscences of fan club president Sandra Orwig are reprinted from her most recent newsleter.

Ray was playing one of the largest Pennsylvania fairs with three other well-known country artists. Before the show began the head of the fair committee came to the bus and told Ray that if he did not want to autograph after the show he did not have to do so as the others were not going to do so. Ray's reply made me so proud. He said, "I don't care who autographs, I am." He was the top billed star and the only one that cared enough about his fans to stay out in the cold and sign every autograph.

It was a very cold September night and Ray closed the show so it was very dark on the race track when he autographed. When he finished, Blondie said to him, "Let's go," and he said, "No, I have to go talk to Sandra's Dad."

As most of you know, my father is handicapped and does not get to go see Ray often, but Ray made sure we were escorted to park by the bus and then, regardless of the cold, late hour and long trip ahead of him back to Texas, he took the time to talk with my Dad.

Only one reason why he has "Touched My Heart."

Sandra Orwig (from her newsletter #55)