SPECIAL NOTE: Special for Fan Club members: If you are a member of the Official Ray Price Fan Club, you can get a very, very special price on Ray's new CD if you buy it through the club. Fan Club President Sandra Orwig is now selling the CD via this site for $11.99 to fan club members, and the tape cassette for $9.99. Non-fan-club members may also order from Sandra, at a slightly higher price of $15.99 for the CD and $11.99 for the cassette. Click here for more details.

No matter how you order "Prisoner of Love," you can be a tremendous influence in assuring good distribution of this great new Ray Price CD. If each loyal fan will phone several of your local stores to inquire about the availability of this album, you can help assure that there will be copies in every retail outlet throughout the country. It's a tremendous boost when fans band together to make this happen.

We intend to reward those stores that keep Ray Price music on their shelves by mentioning their names on this page. We'll depend on you fans to let us know the situation in your area of the country. In Southern California, for instance, I would give Borders Books and Music top credit for consistently having Ray's albums on sale. Also Tower Records and Blockbuster Music get good marks in the Santa Monica area. The Music departments at local Barnes and Noble stores will order but need to become more aware of how popular Ray Price is.
Rose Murray

Longtime fanclub member Gary Ramey reports from the Palmdale/Lancaster/Tehachipi area of California:

"I purchased it [Prisoner of love] from Amazon.com - they did a nice revue. I get an email "newsletter" from them & they listed it even before it was available - so they are on my "good guy" list! I also saw the CD in the Palmdale Best Buy store. Gary"

Ray's drummer, Scott Crossman, let us know right after the album came out that it was already sold out in San Antonio, Texas, and that the Texas distributor was ordering more.

Fan Club President Sandra Orwig was disappointed that the Harrisburg, PA, Walmart Store had not stocked "Prisoner of Love" when she asked around. Does anyone know how Walmart stores are doing in other areas? Fans in the Northeast section of the country, says Sandra, can be especially helpful by requesting the album wherever they are shopping.

If you'd like to share your information with us and other fans, email your experiences with various stores and online companies to me at [email protected] We'll print as much of the information as we can. Let us know the best stores in your area or online..

Remember that you can also order "Prisoner of Love" through the record company itself--Buddha Records. Their URL is www.buddharecords.com.

Gary Ramey followed up on his message above with the info that Amazon.com now has an article and interview with Ray on their "Prisoner of Love page." I found it through going to that page and clicking on "Articles" on the sidebar. Very nice interview.

Allen Kelley wrote Sandra with a suggestion that all fans phone their local radio stations and request a song from the album. He said he has gotten "The Only Bridge" played three times so far. Good going, Allen!

Fan club Prez Sandra Orwig recently reported a long list of stores that didn't have the CD in Harrisburg, PA. She has been really busy checking with music outlets to see who's carrying it. We're sure she'll soon be letting us know that the situation has changed for the better.


Allen Kelley wrote again to let us know what he has been doing to help promote Ray's new CD. He's been e-mailing "country radio stations" in many areas to request they play one of the songs from the CD and suggests other fans do the same.. He says you can find their e-mail addresses by entering the keywords "country radio stations" in one of the search engines. "You will get hundreds of e-mail addresses," he informs us.


Allen Kelley has written again to say that he continues to have success with requests to radio stations to play songs from Ray's new album. "They like 'Better Class of Losers' best," he says. How abut others? Any stories of how you have helped to spread the word about "Prisoner of Love"?

E-Music in New York is selling downloads of Ray's CD. You can buy just one selection or all twelve of the selections. Just click on their Logo below to see what they have to offer.

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