What do the people who study public health usually do?

What do the people who study public health usually do?

What Makes Public Health the Beating Heart of the Community

Alright, who among us hasn't wondered what those serious-sounding professionals in public health do all day? Are they like doctors but without the white coats and the sleep-deprived look? Well, sort of. But the field of public health is so much more than that. It's all about the big picture. My daughter, Jocelyn, gave me a perfect definition the other day: "Dad, it's like looking after sick people, but like a lot of them at the same time, right?" Yes, Jocelyn, very right.

The Art of Juggling: Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Environmental Health and More!

It's like being at a circus, or a really intense juggling act. One moment you're an epidemiologist studying disease patterns, the next you're a biostatistician analyzing data, then you’re morphing into an environmental health specialist inspecting public spaces. It's almost as if you are taking on multiple roles in a theatrical production. And who doesn't love a good show, right? It’s like when my son Nael juggles his football, cricket ball, and baseball, only with slightly steeper consequences. But hey, no pressure! Everything’s alright as long as we keep our balls in the air!

The Unsung Heroes: Health Education and Behavioural Science

Here’s another act for our public health circus - Health Education and Behavioural Science! It’s not all about data and diseases, you see. Sometimes, it’s about helping people understand their health better. After all, what’s the point of all that juggling if we can’t pass a little knowledge onto those we’re trying to protect? It’s like when I have to explain to Jocelyn why eating her veggies is important. Yes, sweetheart, it’s about more than just avoiding the wrath of dad!

One Scale Does Not Fit All: The Bridge, The Linguistic Pioneer and Cultural Expert

Public health superheroes often have to play interpreter between medical terms and plain old English (or whichever language they happen to be working in). They've to make sure that when they say 'endemic', what the locals understand isn't 'a new music band'. As me trying to understand my teenage daughter’s internet slang. Who knew that YEET isn’t a new brand of energy drinks?!

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get Your Hands Dirty!

Anyone who thinks public health is all about sitting in an office, looking at data on a computer screen has it all wrong. Much of the work also involves being out there in the community. From conducting surveys to attending social events, public health professionals are not desk jockeys. They’re love getting their hands dirty, just like me when I’m grilling for the family. There’s something satisfying about the soot and grease, isn’t there?

Creating Policies: Making a Difference, One Legislation at a Time

At the end of the day, working in public health means influencing policy effectively. It's not all about having the knowledge, but being able to apply that knowledge in a real world context. It's like finally teaching Nael how to tie his shoelaces - to take what he knows in theory and put it to practical use. So, the next time you hear about a public health professional, know that they are the hard-hat wearing, debris-inspecting action heroes that are silently fighting for the betterment of the world, one health policy at a time!

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